The Girl Who Slept

I'm Aurora Knight and I'm an oc character for Doctor Who fandom. Please read the About section for a better understanding of Aurora.
Face Claim: Katie Mcgrath
I will rp with oc's, and any character from any fandom.
Location: Her home a manor, just outside of Surrey, England.
Little Bio: One night, just a month or so before the start of the world war, I went to bed. I didn't wake until 100 years had passed. When I woke, I discovered that I hadn't aged or died, that for some reason I'm not unable to do either. I also met a strange man called the Doctor(10), with a strange blue box. As well as finding out that people from something called Torchwood have been staying in my house.

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" Hello, I’m Aurora. Are you with Torchwood? I thought your lot finally cleared out."